About Us




Ultra-Scan Corporation is an identity management solutions provider and a pioneer in the development of high accuracy, fingerprint identification technology, serving the healthcare, government and transportation security, and financial markets.


Ultra-Scan's breakthrough technology is based upon patented and proprietary finger imaging which scans the finger ultrasonically, and is distinguished from other fingerprint biometric authentication systems in three key areas: enrollability - the ability to read and enroll virtually any fingerprint; usability - the robustness to operate indoors or outdoors in real-world environments with quick throughput processing; and accuracy - the ability to perform faster and more accurate matches than any other biometric technology.  The company holds an extensive portfolio of patents on its techniques for using ultrasound for automatic fingerprint identification.


Mission Statement:

Ultra-Scan Corporation is committed to the development, design, and deployment of strong, secure identity and access management solutions.  Leveraging the company's advancements in highly accurate ultrasonic biometric technology, Ultra-Scan's hardware and software applications serve the healthcare, security, and financial markets.